January 2, 2013
NIAMS logo

The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) has developed a mobile version of its website at m.niams.nih.gov, designed to provide optimal viewing and easy navigation of health information across a wide range of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. In its first foray into delivering content using responsive design, the NIAMS is showcasing its health information, the pages most-visited by web users. Now users can more easily view the NIAMS content on diseases of the bones, joints, muscles and skin with minimal resizing and scrolling. Accessing the entire NIAMS website from a mobile device is still possible from m.niams.nih.gov, as there is a link to the main website at the bottom of each page. Health information is also available in Spanish and Chinese in easy-to-read formats.

Traffic from mobile devices to the NIAMS website, www.niams.nih.gov, has increased from 10 percent in June 2011, to 24 percent in September 2012. With m.niams.nih.gov providing web content specifically for mobile audiences, the NIAMS hopes to meet the needs of mobile device users who are increasingly accessing information, about health in particular, using a variety of electronic tools.

The NIAMS website is one of the most effective means of providing information to the public, and information dissemination is a core component of the NIAMS mission. This effort to make the website more accessible to those using the latest mobile technologies will enhance the NIAMS’ reach, putting its materials on bones, joints, muscles and skin into the hands of more people than ever before.

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